Monday, November 29, 2010

Backstreet Boys Cruise Itinerary!

Wow, Cruisers! We are soooo close! Sorry for being MIA over Thanksgiving break. As much as I was thinking about the cruise, I just didn't have any extra time to update.

So, a lot has happened since the last post! We got our itinerary for the cruise! SO exciting! In case you missed it, here's the email:

Dear Cruise Guest,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in the

1ST Annual Backstreet Boys CRUISE aboard CARNIVAL'S DESTINY.

Please review below information necessary to ensure a trouble free, relaxing vacation for all.

You can also find this information on under the "Manage My Cruises" tab.

Please note - you might need to use Internet Explorer as other browsers may not work properly

Enter in your Booking Number as indicated above, your Last Name, Date of Birth, Name of the Ship
(Carnival Destiny) and the sailing date 12/09/2010 and click the Submit Box. From here you can access your cruise documents and complete your "Fun Pass" which serves as your Carnival boarding-pass. Alternatively, you can access your "Fun Pass/Boarding Pass" directly from the link provided below. You should complete your Fun Pass/Boarding Pass prior to printing out your document information. All guests in cabin must complete the Fun Pass/Boarding Pass in order to print it.

Here is what you will need for everyone in your party:
Personal Information
(full name, home address, phone number, etc.)
Citizenship Information
(passport data, permanent resident card number, etc.)
Travel Plans
Guests with independent travel arrangements will need to provide details regarding pre and post transportation arrangements (arrival and departure flight information, hotel arrangements, etc.)
Onboard Expense Account Information (Sail & Sign)
Method of Payment to set up account
Remember, all guests in your cabin must provide the required information in order to obtain a Fun Pass. Online registration is available until the day before sailing. Taking a few minutes now will let you start enjoying your long-awaited cruise that much sooner.

Enter in your Booking Number, your Last Name, Date of Birth, Name of the Ship, Carnival Destiny and the sailing date, 12/09/2010 then, click the Continue Box. Complete Guest Information then click Continue. Complete Citizenship Information and click Continue. If you are flying home on Monday, Dec. 13th, leave the Ground Transportation Box empty and check the flight box in Air Travel. Be prepared to provide your flight details then click continue (leave the fare basis box blank).

Make sure you click on Setup Onboard Expense Account. Click on I accept the terms and conditions (Step 2 of 4). If you are part of the match program or traveling with friends, you will be able to enter your individual credit card numbers. However, if you are the first passenger listed in the cabin, you will need to select "set up account at a later time" for the 2nd passenger. When the 2nd passenger logs in, they will have the opportunity to add their own credit card information please enter just the last 4 digits of your credit. You will need to present the same credit card that you registered with at the pier. If you are using cash, you will open your cash deposit onboard at the Pursers desk. You can now click View/Add Booking on the Cruise Ticket Contract Acceptance Information (Step 3 of 4). After reviewing the Cruise Ticket Contract, you will need to click on I accept and click on Continue. Then Click - Continue again. After you have reviewed the information and everything is correct, click Continue. All information for all passengers in your cabin must be completed. Under each name it must state Complete in order to print fun pass. If incomplete, click on incomplete to see what needs to be done. After everyone is completed, click - Print Fun Pass. Make sure you Print out your Fun Pass and bring with you.

Everyone must check in at the pier. (IMPORTANT - Please remember to fill out your Fun Pass/Boarding Pass and Bring with you to the pier for Check In)

It is suggested that you put all medication in your carryon bag. Your luggage will not be delivered to your stateroom until a later time.

Once you arrive at the Pier, go to the Reception Area to check in. **Please have your proper identification with your Fun Pass (valid Passport or Birth Certificate with seal and official photo ID) for cruise check-in.

You will receive your Sail & Sign /Cabin Key from Carnival at the pier. Once onboard, please proceed to the Universe Dining Room, Lobby Deck 3, where you will receive your Wristband and Beach Party Ticket.

You must wear the wristbands for the entire cruise. Each passenger will receive one wristband, which is non-transferable and will not be replaced.


Please note that due to the number of people attending the cruise, we are not able to provide an official autograph session for everyone. No autographs will be given at the photo sessions.

We will have groups of 8 passengers pose for each picture with the Backstreet Boys. This way we will be able to see everyone, and no one will be left without a photo. We ask that you please respect this group policy. Black & Blue Wristbands will begin at 12:00PM on Sunday December 12th. Orange, Red, Purple & Green Wristbands will begin at 1:15PM on Sunday December 12th. These sessions will be in the Criterion Lounge on Promenade Deck 5. While in line, you will be given a ticket with a number. You must be present to receive your ticket. We will go in numerical order for photos. If your number is called and you are not present, you will miss your photo opportunity. Please arrive at the Photo Session with your group of 8 passengers!

Please feel free to bring your personal camera to all events except for the official photo sessions. We are providing an official photographer for your convenience. They will be circulating at all official events and taking photos. All photos, including those taken at the official photo sessions will be posted after the cruise. Photos will be available on a website and a link will be provided at a later time. If personal cameras are brought to the photo sessions, you will be asked to return the camera to your cabin.

Video cameras are allowed only for your own personal events. They are not allowed at official Backstreet Boys Cruise events.

Please note no cameras are allowed in the Casino.

You will receive your wristband when you check-in. There are 6 wristband colors Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Purple & Green. These colors represent the zones in the Palladium Lounge. Your wristband will have your exact seat assignment. Wristband color and seat assignment number was determined by time of booking. Please note that these wristbands are required for all events. DO NOT REMOVE these wristbands until the end of the cruise

Gifts will NOT be permitted at any Backstreet Boys scheduled events.
Gifts can be left at the hospitality desk during designated hours.
Your gifts will be delivered to The Backstreet Boys.

All seating in the Palladium Lounge will be reserved. Your wristband determines which zone you are in and your Seat Number. Please look at the seating charts you received at check in to see where you will be seated. Please respect the seating policy and do not switch seats during the events. Please be respectful of others when entering the Palladium Lounge and do not wait in the line prior to the show.

Dress during the day is casual (shorts, shirts, skirts, jeans, etc.)
Theme nights are as follows:
Thursday December 9th - INTERNATIONAL LUV NIGHT
Show off your Country pride with flags, T-shirts, Countries colors, etc. Let's see how each country represents!
Friday, December 10th- MASQUERADE NIGHT
Let's dress up and dance the night away at our Masquerade ball “ feathers, beads and lots of fun!
Don't forget to bring your mask!
Sunday, December 12th “BLACK AND BLUE BUBBLE PARTY
Come ready to party on our final night in black and blue attire.

Beach & Swim Wear, Tank Tops, Tennis Shoes, Flip-Flops, etc are Not Allowed in the Dining Room.

Our group passengers will be eating in the Universe or Galaxy Dining Room.
You will receive dining room assignment at check in. Seating in the Universe Dining Room is
open except for reserved tables. Seating in the Galaxy Dining Room will be assigned. Please
arrive at your assigned dining room with your party, the Maitre Dâ will seat you. Other options
include 24 hour Room Service, Buffet on Lido Deck or the 24-hour Pizzeria.

Please keep in mind that we are joined on The Carnival Cruise Ship Destiny; with passengers who are not participating in the Backstreet Boys Cruise. We ask that you please be courteous to all the Carnival Cruise guests.

Please click here to view the Full Itinerary.

Thanks and See you on board!

It seems so real now! :) I don't think it was fully sink in for me until I'm getting on that ship though! What do you guys think about the itinerary? Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to??

We also received our State Room numbers with that email, and Cinzia over at the fan club put this list together for everybody:

Deck 1 - Riviera
1177 - Jizzlette
1180 - fede85
1194 - Jdub
1217 – patsalvarez
1230 - Erin & Averi (@erinlynn_m)
1235 – NicksLatinLuvR87
1238 - Cinzia and Lydia (Cinzia)
1245 - Caju Garcia
1266 - broksgrl2002
1277 - Cortney (Cort_21)
1279 - Janine
1280 – mawie
1285 - cmduncan

Deck 2 - Main
2126 - LaliePop
2134 - REBECCA
2147 - ilovenickolas
2145 - Jess & Maggie
2149 - Lilly and Bea (Lilly-Marie)
2157 - lisscat
2158 - Sarah and Priscilla
2169 - vettechnikki
2171 - Martz
2174 - Lyndzy_BSBFan09
2177 - Orcagirl_78
2183 - Tostado
2209 - Gissell
2240 - beba716
2221 - Kristen
2227 - brokbabyduck4me
2251 – revolledo
2256 - Ana
2276 - dreamer426 & Janeen
2288 - LauraD
2292 - Lauren M.
2296 - mamacorey23
2298 - Juniela
2310 - lilMomma
2321- RockerHatTeam (brendas boyfriend!)
2340 - Nicole + cousin
Forward Starboard side - kbnhachicky
MooMooSaurus, Lianne, & Shorty

Deck 3 - Lobby (No Rooms)
Deck 4 - Atlantic (No Rooms)
Deck 5 - Promenade (No Rooms)

Deck 6 - Upper
6107 - AmyC
6148 - Olga D.J.
6165 - Mara
6179 - Danyell and Husband
6180 - Anitaxx and Michele
6181 - HalifaxGurl
6187 - Katya
6188 - Cathy
6203 - Melanie & Katelyn (Melmuff)
6207 - tiff (from philly) and savannah (from minnesota)
6210 - Malin and Nathali and Anneli
6215 - Lucy
6225 - totallytaylor + 3 girls
6254 - eMKay
6261 - T.Tati_argentina
6266 - Mrs_Backstreet_was_Miss
6274 - Claire_UK
6279 - Iris
6286 – pharmtechchick
6287 - lxlMUSIClxl, ILoveBSBitsTrue
6289 - Sari + two friends
6291 - Teddystarr
6295 - xxbOnxbOnx
6353 - Backstage Fans Club and Mariol
6365 - Shay (HollywoodKaos)
6367 – Livia L

Deck 7 - Empress
7125 - Carrie & Nicole
7153 - Stephanie and Silvia (@Krazy_4Kaos)
7155 - Ashlea & Lauren
7170 - LinziLou
7174 - Hot4Nick
7195 – Laura and Abbey (socialcasualty07)
7199 - Judith, Sttefy & Sabela
7227 - Sam & Tina
7249 – Farah87
7268 - Becky
7273 - Irene_88
7296 – Aquarius and Gardenia

Deck 8 - Verandah
8103 - Lauren
8111 - chaechae
8116 – IheartAJ
8148 - Jasmine (aussie_bsb_fan), Kyla (kylairene24), Stacie (smmay1) and Alicia!
8149 - Aida and Quel and Rachel
8161 - Heather28UK
8162 - Yee Yee
8171 - Roxanne & Cassandra
8216 – Zena
8247 – Melissa
8302 – BedtimeDelicious
8306 – Liliana Cepa
8329 - Carole and Jessica from Canada!

Deck 9 - Lido
9174 - Ashley & Cortney
9182 - I.M.
9188- rockerhat team (brenda, lulu and bel)
9195 - nickcarterfan1985
9197 - Mary_Alien
9199 - tracyp1 and husband
9290 - Erin Ali

Deck 10 - Spa (8E Balcony Suites)
1002 – Lisa
1004 – jeshiblah
1005 - YUKA
1006 – Beverly Diehl

Deck 11 - Sun (No Rooms)
Deck 12 - Sky (No Rooms)

Leave a comment if you aren't already on there! :) Thanks, Cinzia!! You rock!

I think that's about it for now! Only NINE days!! :) Let's get ready to party!!


  1. ashley from cabin sister is there is no cortney in 9142...just a cortney in 9174...haha...sorry for the confussion...i was confussed for a while there myself...ooops...sorry again!!!

  2. Ohh okay. Haha, sorry about that, Ashley! :)

  3. I'm in room 6202 along with my roomie but I am not sure what her name is on this blog.

  4. •••Ashlea•••November 29, 2010 at 11:18 PM

    I (Ashlea) am in room 7155 along w/my sister Lauren. We're not on the list. =(

  5. LaliePop in 2126 :)

  6. My friend and I (Carrie & Nicole) are in stateroom 7125!

  7. This is Malin in room 6210, you can add my roommates there as well, just thought of that!
    They are Nathali and Anneli

  8. me and Rachel are also in 8149, with Aida! ^^

  9. Hello everybodty from Moscow, Russia. Im in 6187- Katya

  10. Stephanie and Silvia (@Krazy_4Kaos) 7153

  11. Sorry, I got one number wrong. It's not 6202, it's 6203.

  12. Deck 1-Riviera
    Room 1230 Erin & Averi (@erinlynn_m)

  13. Jess & Maggie in 2145 :)

  14. tiff (from philly) and savannah (from minnesota) are in 6207 :) cant wait to meet everyone!!!

  15. dont be the one who messed up in the first =)

  16. 6203. It's Melanie & Katelyn

  17. Hi! Room 8329 Carole and Jessica from Canada!

  18. 2158 - Sarah and Priscilla :)

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